Introducing the NEW Reef Octopus SX Protein Skimmers

With a Mid September release these new SX model Octopus protien skimmers are sure to make a splash in the already growing Octopus Skimmer Market.

The new SX skimmers will be replacing the Older EXT(Extreme) Series protein skimmers.

Each SX Skimmer will feature new Sicce PSK-600 (SX-160 model) and PSK-1000 model on the SX-200, SX-250 and SX-350. These new high end pumps are pulling more air with less wattage than the previous models which puts them back in the game with some of the newer pumps on the market.

We will be accepting Pre-Orders very soon so check out our Protein Skimmers to be first in line for the release.

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